Avoncourt is a neural networks developer and Artificial Intelligence technology integrator servicing private and public organisations.

Our Team

Our team is made by talented software engineers, data scientists and industry experts passionate in creating new capabilities and tools, with an outstanding capacity to understand the impact of artificial intelligence in our economy and culture.

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We transform information sets into actionable investment decisions: we use Cognitive and Robotic Automation to enhance existing and future risk & opportunities assessment outsmarting conventional market analyses, improving the chances for success in businesses.


We produce proprietary technology to complete existing market analyses and deliver a much richer view of the business environment, the economy and social dynamics; we continually strive to get a better understanding of the business landscape of our business partners with the aim to anticipate their future needs.


We are involved in achieving the goals with real equity. Whenever we present a solution we are ready to participate in the embedded risks. We get involved with our skills, assets and management capacity. Strategic views are rather empty if they do not come along with execution capacity and traction. We are committed to reach success for our business partners out of the game field and not just from the bench.

Avoncourt Partners GmbH

Maximilianstr.54, 80538 Munich