RegTech (Regulation Technology) will help firms automate the more mundane compliance tasks and reduce operational risks associated with meeting compliance and reporting obligations. RegTech provides senior executives with an opportunity to introduce new capabilities that are designed to leverage existing systems and data to produce regulatory data and reporting in a cost-effective, flexible and timely manner without taking the risk of replacing / updating legacy systems.


GCRL / Governance Compliance, Risk & Legislation

The key difference is simple – agility. Traditional solutions are robust and designed to deliver on your specified and “locked down” requirements, but they can be inflexible and require development or configuration in a proprietary language for enhancements or changes.

Where Does RegTech Work Best?

In heavily quant based obligations, information based obligations and risk identification and management tools including:

— Compliance universe tools

— Management Information tools

— Transaction reporting tools

— Regulatory reporting tools

— Activity monitoring tools

— Case management tools