Automated Document Parsing

Automated Document Parsing

At Avoncourt we developed a software capable of parsing unstructured format documents and producing reports in any desired computer readable format. This artificial Intelligence feature enables the simplicity, and ease of access particularly needed for companies dealing with high volumes of data.

Success requires knowledge and research. Most of the times research is done by means of a smart person scouting and screening data. But what if the functions of scout, search, classify and allocate data could be automated?

We extract meaningful and structured financial information from paper or electronic account statements, payment advices, or invoices. The extracted information is converted into raw data sets and used to create official accounting reports, eliminating the need of manual labour.

Our capability consists of the following steps:

  1. Extracting financial information from PDF documents.
  2. Identifying the semantic meaning of the extracted financial information.
  3. Storing the extracted facts in a structured accounting database.
  4. Generating reports.