Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Inside of Machine Learning (ML) we concentrate on using Artificial Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and indicator predictions. Our capability consists of three major parts:

  1. Collection of textual input data – sources include news articles, web sources and social media posts.
  2. Processing of textual data – we use NLP algorithms to calculate sentiment, article tone, Goldstein scale, perform entity recognition.
  3. Predicting indicators – we train artificial neural networks to predict social, market and financial indicators such as price volatility, Goldstein scale collaboration or conflict metrics, etc.

We can offer our services to companies in need of predicting indicators that could be influenced by news, scientific publications, press releases, etc. for example:

-Energy consumption

-Cryptocurrencies prices prediction

-Speech Monitoring

-Stock price volatility

In the video below you can see an explanation by our CTO Denis Krivitski about how automated text generation can be done with machine learning