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Technology Blog - Mar 8, 2018

Avoncourt’s Amazon Tracking SaaS

Avoncourt’s wide range research software offers you the latest data from any Amazon product.

Find new keywords and track sales, stock figures and reviews for all your products.

This will provide deep knowledge of the pricing, product rankings, product reviews, product ratings, potential sales estimates, and best-ranked products on Amazon. It will help you optimise your rankings on Amazon, increase your conversion rates, sell more products and find hidden niches where improvements and hence profits can be made.

Our Tracker is compatible with all Amazon sites and is 100% web-based. The security of your personal information is extremely important to us. We are aware of the responsibility that comes with managing your data and we take all necessary measures to meet the highest safety standards.

Keyword Tracker

Easily find related keywords, to use in PPC campaigns, SEO and in-depth keyword research.

Keywords related to the topic of fitness

This feature lets you find the keywords which best describe your product specifications. Keywords are a critical factor when it comes to product ranking. 90% of Amazon users choose a product on the first three search results pages. If your products are not found there, your sales opportunities are very low. By actively optimizing your products, you can improve your products’ Amazon ranking on relevant Amazon keywords and see them in the search results above. The better the ranking of your products, the more buyers will see and buy your products. Any improvement in the ranking directly increases sales.

Product Tracking

Discover accurate sales, price history and sales rank for virtually any Amazon product.

Man who monitors the growth of his product with a telescope

This feature enables you to track yours and your competitors’ products. Tracking products will allow you to access sales and stock figures and estimate revenues of competitors. Hence by making comparisons, sellers can make the necessary adjustments to their products. The sales rank is recorded automatically on a daily basis. This way you can easily evaluate the development over time and make sure that your products are heading in the right direction.

Review Tracking

Track new reviews, and get alert emails so you can promptly deal with any negative reviews.

men adding stars which symbolize symbolizes the effort to get positive reviews

This is a very useful feature for protecting your reputation, If you are reviewed negatively, the negative review gets tracked and alerts you about it, in order for you to take prompt action. The feature gathers the information of all the below 4 star rating product reviews, in a timely fashion. Based on this info, Amazon sellers can make a priority list as to which customer should be contacted first.